Robert Worley Named JAN-PRO International Franchisee of the Year

Robert Worley Named JAN-PRO International Franchisee of the Year

April 05, 2018

One of the most exciting annual JAN-PRO events is the JAN-PRO National Conference. Each year, representatives from various offices gather at the conference to share successes and honor stand-out franchise owners. The conference took place March 4th-6th, and we are excited to announce that Robert Worley was named the JAN-PRO International Franchisee of the Year.

Robert winning the JAN-PRO International Franchisee of the Year award is impressive. JAN-PRO has been ranked as the number one commercial cleaning industry by Entrepreneur Magazine. As a whole, the JAN-PRO system consists of over 8,000 unit franchisees. Robert’s International Franchisee of the Year status marks him as one of the top franchise owners in the industry. Robert’s business achievements and selfless display of leadership earned him this award.

Robert goes above and beyond being a savvy businessman. He is heavily involved in the JAN-PRO Atlanta community. He has been a mentor to many, and uses his business to positively influence his staff and fellow franchisees. He assists with unit training events and has helped establish several initiatives that helped our office grow. Not only does Robert work hard to reach his own goals, he helps other franchise owners reach theirs. We are so proud of Robert for this incredible achievement and know he fully deserves it.

Franchise owners from our office have been acknowledged at previous national conferences. Andre Parker was an Honorable Mention Awardee a few years back, and Charity Stephens was the original recipient of International Franchisee of the Year. National recognition is a huge achievement for our office and for our franchisees, and we have our owners to thank for making the Atlanta office so successful. Congratulations, Robert, for leading the pack this year and being awarded this honor.

We are also thrilled to announce that Robert will be taking over as President of the JAN-PRO Advisory Council. The title was previously held by Andre Parker. We are thankful for Andre’s time as President of the Advisory Council and know that Robert will do an equally fantastic job.

National Conference is always an encouragement to our office and our franchise owners. We always appreciate the time to step back and say “good job” to all the people who make JAN-PRO Atlanta special. Here’s to another great Conference in the books, and we’re already looking forward to the net one.

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