Our History with Ecolab

Our History with Ecolab

March 06, 2018

One of the most successful partnerships we’ve had here in Atlanta is Ecolab. Over the years, JAN-PRO continues to find new products and services that better satisfy our customers. About six years ago, our office made a sales call to Ecolab. During our efforts to secure their business, we realized they would make an excellent partner for our franchise owners. We began discussing an opportunity to work together to elevate our franchisees’ commercial cleaning services.

The Ecolab range of products was impressive. Their chemical line met and exceeded the requirements of our branded process. In addition, they offered the Eco Caddy, a valuable product that our franchisees still use today. In fact, the Eco Caddy has helped us secure and maintain multiple large accounts at JAN-PRO. The entire line is efficient and effective, and our customers are pleased with the results we are able to achieve with Ecolab.

They also showed they had the infrastructure and resources to provide great support to our franchisees. Many others vendor we had used previously were unable to accommodate our development. As our JAN-PRO family grew, we found we needed a vendor who could keep up with our expansion. Ecolab was a great fit for us, and they’ve continued to meet our expectations.

For those reasons, we switched our primary chemical supplier to Ecolab. Over the years, our partnership has grown. Our relationship in Atlanta has been so fruitful that they are now a preferred vendor of choice for JAN-PRO on an international scale.

We fully recommend Ecolab to all our franchisees, not only for their line of products, but for the technical support they offer. If you have any questions regarding this company, contact us or Tony Harmsen at Anthony.harmsen@ecolab.com.

If you’re a business, contact us to see just how well this partnership works.

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