Jan-Pro International Founders Day

Jan-Pro International Founders Day

October 25, 2017

Getting Back to Our Roots

Here at Jan-Pro of Atlanta, we are fortunate to be located in the same market as Jan-Pro International’s headquarters. This year on Founders Day we got to participate with Jan-Pro International in a special collaboration. Our corporate colleagues at International Headquarters spent their evening participating in cleans with our local franchise owners. It was a way for them to stay in touch with the mission and roots of the organization. It was also a lot of fun for everyone involved!  

Here is what we heard from one of our friends at International Headquarters the next day:

“I’m already hearing all the stories from the cleans last night. Everyone had a great time and said all of the franchisees were terrific. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you letting us tag along last night. Our team loves doing this and it really gives them an appreciation for what these franchisees do every night.”

We are grateful to be part of an international organization that understands, no matter how large we grow, our growth and success at Jan-Pro are fueled directly by the efforts and talents of our franchise owners.

By the way, October 2 is not only Jan-Pro International Founders Day—it’s also National Custodial Workers Recognition Day! This day is set aside to acknowledge the work done behind the scenes to keep schools, workplaces and public facilities clean and safe.

Thanks, Jan-Pro International, for recognizing our Atlanta franchise owners and for supporting them!

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