JAN-PRO Atlanta - One of The Best Commercial Cleaning Companies

JAN-PRO Atlanta - One of The Best Commercial Cleaning Companies

October 05, 2020

JAN-PRO Atlanta Cleaning Company

JAN-PRO Atlanta is the family-owned Atlanta business janitorial services providing company that was established in the year 2001. It successfully works with many businesses all around the world. This company ensures that all the offices and business workplaces are disinfected and cleaned with high standard cleaning equipment. A clean, neat, and tidy environment is necessary for both healthier employees as well as happier customers. So, commercial cleaning service provider companies like JAN-PRO Atlanta are in high demand nowadays. It provides excellent office cleaning services, especially in Atlanta.

JAN-PRO Atlanta Cleaning Technologies and Processes

JAN-PRO Atlanta has completely transformed the local janitorial services industry. The JAN-PRO Atlanta brand processes, Hepa-Filters, EnviroShield disinfection system, cutting-edge technologies, microfibers cloths, flat mops as well professional-grade cleaning products help to keep dirt, dust, grams, pollutants, harmful substances away from office/workplace. It is a locally owned cleanliness business that takes good care of its employees by checking their references and keeping a complete track record of their background and work hours. It also evaluates its employee’s integrity, reliability, professionalism, efficiency, and attitude to maintain a good record and name of its brand.

Commercial Cleaning Services by JAN-PRO Atlanta Systems

JAN-PRO Atlanta cleaning company has a wide range of commercial cleaning services in association with a variety of industries, business enterprises, and offices. Some of the most demanded cleaning services include:

  • Office cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Medical laboratories cleaning
  • Hospitals cleaning
  • Restaurant cleaning
  • Manufacturing industries cleaning
  • Religious places cleaning
  • Specialty cleaning services
  • Amusement places cleaning
  • Parks cleaning

JAN-PRO Atlanta offers all these exceptional services by its 3 very effective systems named

  1. JAN-PRO ATLANTA Signature Clean®
  2. JAN-PRO ATLANTA Technics®
  3. JAN-PRO ATLANTA Tracker®

JAN-PRO Franchise

JAN-PRO cleaning company was founded by Jacques Lapointe in Providence, Rhode Island in the year 1991. He began franchising this company when he started offering both single-unit and master franchises in the following year 1992. Since then his business grew rapidly and today it has more than 10,000 franchising units all over Canada and the United States. However, its main headquarters are located in Alpharetta, Georgia from where it operates all the master plans and record maintenance of all its franchising units. All JAN-PRO Atlanta franchises offer the best commercial cleaning services through its professional employees and high-quality equipment.

JAN-PRO Atlanta Cleaning Standards

Every JAN-PRO Atlanta franchise gives its employees 5 weeks of training and an authentic certificate to those who meet JAN-PRO Atlanta cleaning standards. Its signature clean standards include high-quality strict rules and regulations that all employees must follow, and these regulatory standards are a must to meet while delivering cleaning services. JAN-PRO Atlanta has a unique customer service plan according to the locality and environment of every workplace.

JAN-PRO Atlanta custodial brand cleaners offer the strongest guarantee to its clients and promise to resolve any kind of service issue within a single day. It also offers its clients a chance of getting a free cleaning, if the franchise fails to meet the promised deal.

Cost and Investment of JAN-PRO Atlanta Franchise

JAN-PRO Atlanta is one of the best commercial cleaning services providing company. The cost of a single JAN-PRO Atlanta franchise is up to $44,000 which needs an initial investment ranging from $3,985 to $51,105. The minimum investment budget is almost $1000. Now successfully this company has an expanded business that is in more than 8,790 areas. The most extraordinary benefit of this company is that it costs a royalty charge of just $15% for cleaning any place. So, with small capital investment, this cleaning franchise generates a huge revenue and is making money frequently. Joining JAN-PRO Atlanta company can also be greatly beneficial for new beginners or entrepreneurs.

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