How Andre Parker's People Skills Impacted His Business

How Andre Parker's People Skills Impacted His Business

February 22, 2018

Our next testimonial comes from Andre Parker. During his Jan-Pro career, Andre Parker has been an encouragement to many of his colleagues. We asked him what he learned about Jan-Pro and what advice he would share with anyone involved or interested in the company. He gave us answers that focused on one central topic – the people skills required to build a successful Jan-Pro business.

The first thing Andre told us was, “Customer service and responsiveness is the key to keeping your customers happy.” It’s true—many of our clients are loyal to Jan-Pro because we provide quality cleaning services with amazing customer service. Andre sets the bar high when it comes to professional, friendly communication with customers.

The next thing Andre shared was, “The most challenging aspect of the business is finding and retaining quality people.” We agree. Part of being a successful franchise owner is working on hiring and management skills to maintain a reliable team of employees. Once you build your confidence as a team leader, you’ll be able to find people who are the right fit for your franchise.

Finally, Andre told us something that really stands out to us, “There is tremendous value in leveraging relationships with fellow unit franchise owners.” With so many incredible people involved at Jan-Pro, we know our franchisees have a lot to offer one another. Instead of approaching challenges alone, we encourage our owners to talk to one another to brainstorm solutions. Andre has been a leader in this area.

When asked if there was anything else people should know about Jan-Pro, Andre said, “If you are an active participant, there is a strong family feel, and always an open door policy for dialogue.” Ultimately, Andre Parker knows that Jan-Pro is as much about building relationships as it is about cleaning. When you foster both parts of the business, that’s when you’ll see substantial growth.

In the next five years, Andre wants to see his business revenue double from earning $500K to over one million dollars. We feel confident We know Andre’s people skills will continue to flourish, and we are confident he is well on his way to reaching his goal. Contact us to learn more about how you can start setting your own goals with Jan-Pro.

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