From Banks to Industrial Cleaning, JAN-PRO Atlanta has Got You covered

From Banks to Industrial Cleaning, JAN-PRO Atlanta has Got You covered

October 05, 2020

Ask anyone in Atlanta if they would go out without a reason and they would say no way. The only reason that a person would leave the safety of their home these days is for grocery or to go to the bank. Now imagine if this person walks into the bank and they see dust and are met with an unclean environment, what would be their reaction especially during the current pandemic? Alright let’s not take another person, place yourself in that situation, would you handle your business with such a bank. If you’re like most people you would say “no”.

Your health is paramount and the banks, offices and grocery stores that are currently open know that. They not only will look to safeguard their employees but also their customers. For that, a regular janitor or cleaning crew just won’t cut it. What is required is professional bank cleaning services by a company that has been around for a long time and keeps up to date with the latest in the world of cleaning and JAN-PRO disinfection, you need JAN-PRO Atlanta. We will look at in detail the different factors that set apart  from the rest of the competition.

Signature Training Program

If there is one thing that sets apart a professional cleaning service from an average one, is its training regimen. Over here at JAN-PRO Atlanta, we make sure all the staff from our franchise owner to the actual cleaning people are trained in the art of cleaning. You haven’t learned cleaning if you haven’t gone through our signature training. We go the whole nine yards when it comes to training, from uniforms to even the stationary we make sure all our efforts are to achieve one goal of being the best. We give training on how to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. We give training on how to disinfect in the time of COVID-19 to ensure that we are perceived as a professional office cleaning service.

Experience Ensures Success

Training apart we make sure all of our staff goes through practical cleaning scenarios. We make the newcomers accompany our seasoned staff on cleaning jobs to see how real jobs are handled and to gain experience. Experience is something no amount of training in a room can give, until or unless people go out in the field and work for themselves. As they gain experience, they are given options to handle heavy-duty cleaning jobs such as industrial cleaning services. We make sure to expose our people to all aspects of commercial cleaning, so they are reading to take on the toughest jobs and give excellent results.

Processes Ensure Perfection

We have set processes that we follow, these processes are our recipe for perfection in cleaning. We don’t say something is clean or disinfected until it complies with our processes. Our staff are trained to follow processes and are supervised to ensure that they are implemented.

Excellent Customer Service

We make sure that our staff and cleaning franchises follow your schedule. You should not have to work around us; we provide 24/7 services and work around you. What is the use of a cleaning service if you being the customer have to run after them? We offer free consultation services to ascertain your needs. All our staff from the cleaners, supervisors to the franchise owners have a single goal and that is to meet and exceed your cleaning needs.

Guaranteed Cleaning Service

We are so certain of our professionalism and our cleaning skill that we offer a personal guarantee. If we are unable to resolve a service issue within 24 hours, we will not charge our customer for the clean. Be it an office cleaning job or a professional heavy-duty cleaning service for industrial and manufacturing businesses, we handle all with perfection and offer our guarantee. So, what are you waiting for?

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