4 Reasons Why You Should Create Goals

4 Reasons Why You Should Create Goals

May 14, 2018

At JAN-PRO Atlanta, we are passionate about seeing our franchise owners grow as business people. Something we’ve heard from entrepreneurs across many industries is the importance of creating goals. Experts like the idea of SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Setting goals like this can spark a noticeable improvement in your business. We’ve got four reasons why it’s essential to create goals to grow as a business owner.

1. When you create goals for your business, you’ll have something specific to work toward so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Many individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset like to look ahead and dream big. We love that about our franchise owners. Aiming to grow your business in all areas sounds really good – but often times, it can be overwhelming to come up with a plan to make that a reality. Breaking your aspirations down into measurable goals can help you focus your attention so the tasks are more manageable.

2. Setting goals gives you milestones to celebrate.

There’s nothing more satisfying than realizing you’ve achieved a goal. When you make a goal a priority, and you achieve what you intended, you deserve to celebrate.  Everyone opens up their franchises for different reasons, and everyone sets different goals for their businesses. While there may not be a finish line for your business, hitting those milestones is something to be excited about.  

3. You’ll work harder if you know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

It’s always good to think positive about your business and strive for excellence. However, when you have something measurable and time-sensitive you’re trying to accomplish, you may find yourself motivated to work harder. If you aim to bring in at least two thousand dollars in revenue per week, that goal is feasible. When the end of your goal is in sight, you’ll want to hustle so you can proudly acknowledge you reached your milestone.

4. When you set goals that push your limits, you’ll experience personal growth.

When you create goals, you may find yourself outside of your comfort zone. While we are always proud of our franchise owners, we also know that you are capable of more than you believe possible. Don’t be afraid to aim big and set goals that may be a little intimidating. After all, a goal can be challenging but still realistic. Often times, when you push yourself, you’ll find yourself learning lessons and experiencing notable personal growth.

We believe it’s important for all our franchisees to create goals. These are our top four reasons to create goals to see improvement in your business. Do you have any goals you’re working toward?

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