4 Must-Have Qualities in an Office Cleaning Service

4 Must-Have Qualities in an Office Cleaning Service

April 12, 2018

This blog post was originally posted on the JAN-PRO International website.

Your work environment has a big impact on employee performance. Studies have shown that even tiny, seemingly insignificant changes translate into major gains — or losses — in office productivity. So, when you’re hiring an office cleaning service, it’s important that you find a cleaning company you can rely on.

A great office cleaning service will give your employees the bright, attractive, and hygienic workspace they need to thrive. But the wrong cleaning services could leave you with a dingy and unhealthy office.

Looking for a superior office cleaning service? Here are four must-have qualities to look for in a local cleaning company.

  1. Customized Office Cleaning Service Plans

Different offices have different cleaning needs. So, if you feel like you’re being forced into a cookie-cutter cleaning plan, that’s a red flag. Office cleaning services should be carefully customized to each client’s needs. This way, you can choose when and how often your facility is cleaned, which areas receive the most attention, and whether or not you need specialized services, like green office cleaning.

  1. Specialized Cleaning and Disinfection Practices

No one should underestimate the importance of disinfection in the modern office. During cold and flu season, work is one of the most common places for people to transmit infection from one person to another. Poor breakroom cleaning standards can also put your office at a higher risk for foodborne illness.

Strong disinfection practices can help you keep your office and your employees healthy. Pay close attention to the products and systems that office cleaning services use to fight germs in the workplace. The best office cleaning services use products free of harsh or toxic fumes, and use systems that can effectively disinfect hard-to-reach areas.

  1. Focus on Office Hygiene and Workforce Health

Cleaning companies are almost always judged by the visual results of their services. But even if your office looks immaculate, it may still be unclean or unhygienic. After all, bacteria and viruses aren’t visible to the naked eye, and poor air quality is something we sense with our airways, not our retinas.

When hiring an office cleaning service, make sure there is equal emphasis on the health and appearance of your workplace. Ask questions to find out whether cleaners:

  • Use cleaning products/methods that minimize irritating fumes
  • Use HEPA filter vacuums to improve air quality in the workplace
  • Use materials proven to trap higher rates of dirt and bacteria, i.e. microfiber
  • Use color-coded materials to prevent cross-contamination

  1. Certified, Bonded and Insured Cleaning Services

When you hire an office cleaning service, peace of mind is critical. Many office cleaning companies perform their services at night, giving cleaners access to your office while no one is there. You need cleaners you can trust, and you need a service provider who’s taken precautions to safeguard your investment.

At JAN-PRO®, our office cleaning service providers are Signature Clean® certified. Signature Clean® certified cleaners are required to pass detailed background checks, follow secure cleaning protocols, and be familiar with OSHA regulations. Certified cleaners must also undergo detailed training in today’s most advanced and cost-effective office cleaning systems. Additionally, all of our cleaners are bonded and insured, and have the quality of their work regularly measured under the JAN-PRO Tracker® system.

This blog post was originally posted on the JAN-PRO International website.

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