2017 Jan-Pro of Atlanta Franchisee Appreciation & Awards

2017 Jan-Pro of Atlanta Franchisee Appreciation & Awards

November 03, 2017

Thank you to all franchise owners who attended the annual Franchisee Appreciation Day celebration on November 2. The following franchise owners were recognized and celebrated for their successes during the past year:

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award recognizes franchise owners who, in their first few years in business, have shown a very positive trajectory. Rising Stars are those who are following the Jan-Pro model, achieving early success, and who are on track to build a very special business and a great legacy.

Carlos Levisohn

LaQuanda Davis

Cleophus Higgins & Edward Florence

Newcomer Award:

The Newcomer Award is given to a very new franchise owner who has truly stood out from the pack. This person demonstrates great potential for future success and leadership.

Angela Morrison-Grace

Special Service Award

This award recognizes the Jan-Pro owner who generated the most revenue through special service jobs during the previous year.

Zeb Graham

Customer Service Award

This award is in recognition and appreciation for Jan-Pro owners who demonstrategreat professionalism in interactions with customers.

Koffi Agbokpeh

Manuel Colotl

Mariano & Maria Melo

Most Improved Award

This award goes to a franchise owner who, while not necessarily new to Jan-Pro, has recently turned a corner in his or her business and is starting to show great upward mobility and potential for future success.

Maria Varela & Ronald Fombrun

Oquendo Cofield

Excellence in Customer Service – Evaluations

This award recognizes those franchise owners who are most consistent in meeting the requirement to turn in customer evaluations each month.

Carlos Levisohn

Koffi Agbokpeh

Lead Generation Award

This award recognizes the franchise owner who generated most leads that ultimately turned into new customers during the past year.

Carl Hilton

Bronze Award

In Recognition of those franchise owners achieving Annual Billing Exceeding $100,000 between October 2016 – September 2017.

Mia Francis

Rod Plant

Charitable Stephens

Nadia Mouhibi

Hezekiah Smith


Yolanda Alvarado

Sulma& rose Hernandez

DeMario Austin & Eric Parker

Robin Brown

Robert Butler

Wanda Cain

Meagan Caldwell

Reginald Ford &Sucovia Caldwell

Oquendo Cofield

Sorrell Henderson

Jennnifer& Harry Kersaint

Kelvin Monroe, Torrance Brooks, Emmanuel Johnson

Carl Nelson

Vincent Williams & Fred Ross

Leroy Watts

Jones Ampratwum

Silver Award

In Recognition of those franchise owners achieving Annual Billing Exceeding $200,000 between October 2016 – September 2017.

Mitch Magee

Vincent Williams

Robert Worley

Gold Award

In Recognition of those franchise owners achieving Annual Billing Exceeding $300,000 between October 2016 – September 2017.

Andre Parker

Rafael Ruiz-Marrero

Patrick Sutton

Highest Gross Award

In Recognition of the franchise owner with the highest gross revenuebetween October 2016 – September 2017.

Andre Parker

Founders Award

This award recognizes the franchise owner who most epitomizes the reason Jan-Pro of Atlanta was founded in 2001—to help people and to have a positive impact. Those Jan-Pro Owners who win the Founders Award are exceptionally selfless and giving of their time. They are always helping others and investing in other Jan-Pro owners with no expectation in return.

Robert Worley

Scholarship Awards

We partner with the Scholarship of America program to award the Jan-Pro Family First Scholarship each year to children and immediate family members of Jan-Pro owners. The scholarship is a competitive award and winners are selected by Scholarship of America. This year we are proud to announce two scholarship winners out of a dozen applicants.

Teresa Tran

Marina Melendez

Franchisee of the Year

The Franchisee of the Year Award is given to the one Owner who, over course of last twelve months, has epitomized everything that makes Jan-Pro successful. This person follows the Jan-Pro model, provides great service to clients, and fosters trust and great relationships with every customer they work with. This person is successful at attracting and retaining quality employees. They are timely and compliant with their administrative work. They also place an emphasis on giving back to others within the Jan-Pro family.

Koffi Agbokpeh

Wall of Fame:

Being added to the Wall of Fame is a very selective honor, and not one we bestow each year. The Wall of Fame is for those franchise owners who are the epitome of who we want to be as a company, and who have helped us build Atlanta as the largest Jan-Pro market in the world. We are humbled and appreciative of the opportunity to work with the owners and to recognize them in this way.

Mariano & Maria Melo

Mentors Recognition

We recognize those franchise owners who volunteer to serve as mentors for new franchise owners. These individuals have their own businesses, obligations and lives, yet they prioritize participating in the mentor program, where they help all new franchise owners understand how to be successful, answer countless questions, and provide invaluable support. These mentors are a great resource for Jan-Pro as a company and for each individual franchise owner.

Charitable Stephens

Robert Worley

Patrick Sutton

Andre Parker

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